The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Why Use Klaviyo?

Simply put, if you want your company to grow, build lasting customer relationships, and become a juggernaut in your industry, Klaviyo is the secret weapon you’ve been looking for.

Here’s a quick overview explaining why Klaviyo is not just another email marketing software, but rather the ultimate growth tool that separates the dropshippers from the RFB’s. (Real Flippin’ Businesses)

Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Like email marketing itself, Klaviyo is an extremely underutilized – and incredibly powerful – revenue source. When used properly, this marketing machine can not only become an evergreen source of revenue, but can also set you apart from the competition.

Unlike other ESPs, Klaviyo lets you hyper-target your messaging, ensuring that every contact receives the appropriate messaging for their current step in their customer journey. 

Gone are the days of “Newsletter Blasts”; the era of customers actually opening and engaging with your emails (and texts) has arrived. With paid advertising platforms censoring, suspending, and banning accounts with no reason or warning, your brand needs a way to effectively communicate with your audience if it’s going to survive – and Klaviyo is the best way to do this.

What is Klaviyo?

On the surface, Klaviyo is an email & SMS marketing platform. What sets it apart is its ability to utilize these unique data points to send emails and texts that contacts will appreciate receiving. Through this, new marketing opportunities take shape, and you can begin making data-driven decisions – no more hunches or guesses.

Is Klaviyo a CRM?

Absolutely. The traditional definition of an ecommerce CRM is a tool that can be used to manage a business’ relationship with customers. Through sign-up forms, messaging channels, analytics, and much, much more, Klaviyo lets you initiate, effectively engage with, and nurture customer relationships through the following features.

Incredible Website Behavior Tracking

Although website behavior tracking apps are useful to see trends, they lack the capability to contact customers or prospects based on these trends. Through web tracking snippets, Klaviyo uses a subscriber’s email address allows to track the following behaviors out-of-the-box:

Active on Site

See when contacts are browsing your store as well as what they were looking at for how long.

Viewed Product

Klaviyo tracks which products the profile viewed, the time it was viewed for, actions taken on that product page, and any other products that were viewed in chronological order. (This requires minor additional installation, outlined in more detail here.)

You can also track custom behaviors such as Added to Cart (When a contact clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ button), Viewed Collection, Viewed Blog, Submitted Review, and many others. NOTE: Submitted Review can be broken down further depending on the app installed. I recommend or Loox.

Get individuals’ website & purchase behavior insights by plugging their email address in the search bar. This will pull up that person’s Klaviyo profile, where you can see all of their behavior on your site.

Using these behaviors, you can use Klaviyo to create segments around these behaviors, so you can send a more relevant message.

Customer Behavior Data

Customer data that syncs into Klaviyo depends on the ecommerce platform you’re using for your store. For a full list of native integrations, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento 1 & 2, head over to their Ecommerce Integrations page.

With all of these integrations, Klaviyo makes it easy to identify contacts that carry out various purchase behaviors and send them or prevent them from receiving messaging.

NOTE: There is a detailed overview of Shopify towards the bottom of this article.

Fast & Unlimited Segmenting

Kalviyo offers powerful segmenting tools that allow you to identify profiles that have (or have not) carried out certain behaviors. Many other ESPs have limited segmenting abilities, take a few minutes to pull up the profiles who match the parameters, or limit you to a certain amount of segments you can have at one time.

For example, Mailchimp only allows you to choose engagement based on whether they opened an email campaign within a predetermined time frame. This is very limiting and does not account for email automation engagement. Klaviyo doesn’t put you through any of those headaches, and has spectacular segmenting capabilities beyond opened, clicked, bounced, or dropped email, including:

What someone has done (or not done)

Choose any event tracked by Klaviyo within any predetermined time frame. (The time frame feature really comes in handy, and most other ESPs either don’t have the capability or have predetermined time frames.)

Properties about someone

Identify people based on default or custom properties.

Where someone is located

Target profiles based on their country. If they’re in the US, EU, or Canada, you can target within a certain radius of a zip code. 

If someone is or is not in a list

If you have multiple lists, easily include or exclude these profiles.

Predictive analytics about someone

By aggregating multiple data points, Klaviyo can predict genders, CLV, churn risk, and more attributes or behaviors about your customers. (More about Testing and Predictive Analytics here.)

For the full list of segmentation capabilities, head to Klaviyo’s Guide to Creating Segments.

As you can see, you can get very granular with this. Segmenting is not just limited to campaigns, however; you can also prevent or ensure people receive messaging within an email automation using these same parameters. 

Easy to Use & Setup

For the most popular ecommerce platforms, Klaviyo can be set up within minutes. It’s as simple as downloading the app onto your store with a quick & easy integration process.

To top it off, all Klaviyo accounts come with pre built flows, email templates, and basic segments. You can see success just by integrating the app and turning the premade flows live. There is also a library of form and email templates to choose from & easily customize using a drag and drop editor.

Having that said, Klaviyo is much, much more than a set-and-forget tool; it’s a machine that helps your business grow by helping you make data-driven decisions. Although it can be set up and running in just a few minutes, you can get so much more out of it by learning how to use the platform.

If you don’t have time to learn all of this but want to begin using this powerful growth tool, work with the Samadhi Marketing team. We’d love to help your company grow to the next level.

Powerful Email Automations

Every Klaviyo account comes with a library of pre built flows (flow = email automation triggered by a behavior) to work with. These email flows range from basic automations such as Welcome Series, Abandoned Checkout, Customer Thank You and Product Review/Cross Sell, to more complex automations – and all are completely customizable.

You’re not limited to just the email flows in the library however; you can create nearly any email automation you want by using one of the following flow triggers:


This trigger queues a profile into a flow when a profile subscribes to a list. This can happen whether a person subscribes themselves, or you import their profile into a list yourself.


Profiles will enter a segment-triggered flow when they join a specific segment. For example, when someone enters an ‘Unengaged’ segment, they can be queued into an “Re-Engagement” email flow. The possibilities are truly endless with this flow trigger.


This flow can be triggered by a multitude of metrics, such as any Klaviyo, ecommerce platform, API, or integrated app events.

For example:

  • A Klaviyo event could be “Subscribed to Back in Stock.”
  • An ecommerce platform event could be “Placed Order” on Shopify stores.
  • An API event could be “SubmittedReview” through
  • An integrated app event could be “Order Shipped” from ShipStation.

Metric-triggered flows are especially useful for getting important post purchase messaging across.

Date Property

People will enter a Date Property triggered-flow is they have a specific date property attached to their profile. Common use cases of this include a Birthday Reminder and First Purchase Anniversary.

It’s also important to learn the “Flow Filters” feature, which checks if a profile did or did not carry out an event before sending the next email in the flow. The most common example is a traditional Abandoned Cart flow; before someone is sent the next Abandoned Cart email, Klaviyo checks to see if the profile has made a purchase since starting the flow. If they have made a purchase, they will be removed from that flow. 

Your imagination truly is the limit, and the more you familiarize yourself with Klaviyo, the more you can tailor your messaging. Head to this  Flow Filters and Triggers help page for a more detailed overview.

Build Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns

Where email flows are triggered by subscriber behavior, email campaigns are sent to subscribers manually. This is commonly known as an email newsletter, and this is where Klaviyo’s segmentation shines.

To hit the inbox, your open, click, bounce, unsubscribe, and spam complaint rates must fall within certain parameters consistently. Doing so lets inbox providers know that you are sending quality content to your subscribers. Sending campaigns to engaged segments yields substantially better deliverability metrics than blasting your entire list. Think critically; why would you send an email to somebody who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in the last 30, 60, or 90 days?

These segmenting tools allow you to pull your most engaged subscribers, increase your deliverability, and build your sender reputation. Most other ESPs don’t allow for such granular segmentation, and therefore hurt your deliverability efforts.

Don’t know where to get started with email designs? Send a compelling newsletter using their library of pre built email templates.

Use Klaviyo Analytics to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Klaviyo is and always will be an email marketing software at its core, but has quickly evolved into a CDP. (Customer Data Platform).

Every account has a dedicated ‘Analytics’ dashboard where you can see trends, graphs, and patterns of every tracked event. Utilizing these insights is what allows you to remove the guesswork and make decisions on where to invest capital and attention. You no longer have to have multiple 3rd-party data apps that all report different data; get real-time, accurate, and actionable insights all under one dashboard.

Seamless Integration with Shopify Stores

Integrating Klaviyo with Shopify stores is painless and can be done in minutes. Once the integration is complete, you can then segment & target your subscribers using the following native Shopify events:

Checkout Started

See the items in a profile’s cart, the amount of each item, the value of each item, the collections that the items are in, total cart value, any discount codes applied, and various other key metrics about the profile’s cart all within this email marketing software.

Placed Order

Pull up all of the product information of items purchased, date of purchase, discount codes used, and other order information.

Ordered Product

Similar to Placed Order, this separate event tracks detailed data about the products someone purchases, allowing for even deeper segmentation.

Fulfilled Order

This Klaviyo event syncs when an order is fulfilled on your Shopify store, and is especially useful for Shipping Confirmation flows, or preventing messaging from being sent to customers until their order is fulfilled.

Cancelled Order

Syncs when a customer cancels their order on your Shopify store before it is marked as fulfilled.

Refunded Order

Seperate from Cancelled Order, Refunded Order is tracked when a customer requests a refund. NOTE: Klaviyo only tracks full refunds, not partial.

Visit Klaviyo’s Shopify Integration page for a more detailed review of the aforementioned Shopify events.

How Do I Use Klaviyo In Shopify?

Get started for free by creating a Klaviyo account. Once you fill in basic contact information, it will ask you to connect your Shopify store via your .myshopify URL, and Shopify will confirm that you want to install Klaviyo. The Setup Wizard will walk you through the rest of the steps

Integrates With Dozens Of Top Ecommerce Apps

Aside from an integration with Shopify and other top ecommerce platforms, Klaviyo offers dozens of other direct integrations with some of the top ecommerce apps on the market. Some of these apps come with prebuilt events that you can use for segmentation, flow triggers, and flow filters. Going this extra mile yields better results ensuring that apps aren’t interrupting or repeating each other, for both email and SMS.

I recommend the following apps that with a direct integration with Shopify and Klaviyo:

Customer Support: Gorgias

Pull brand interactions from email, SMS, phone calls, Facebook messenger & comments, Instagram DM’s & comments, and their native live chat all under one dashboard.

Basic Reviews: Loox

Trigger and filter flows with the “Loox Review Posted” event to ensure that you don’t send review requests to a customer who already left a review, or tailor post purchase review requests and offers to repeat customers.

Advanced Reviews:

Pull in more detailed review events such as “SubmittedPhotoReview”, “SubmittedVideoReview”, “SubmittedReviewNegative”, and more to incentivize customers to leave more detailed reviews and prioritize which type of review requests are sent.


Send point balance reminders, encourage subscribers to join your rewards program, and incentivize customers to earn more points using the various events pushed into Klaviyo.

Ambassador Program: Refersion

Encourage customers to become brand ambassadors and make it easier than ever for Ambassadors to earn by sending emails that dynamically populate their unique affiliate ID and

For a complete list of apps with direct integrations, head to Klaviyo’s Integration Directory.

Infinite Split Test Possibilities

Even the smallest change to a subject line, image, copy, or call-to-action can make a significant difference in your email’s performance. But Klaviyo’s A/B Testing capabilities go far beyond campaign subject lines; some of the split test features include:

Flow Time Delays

Split test time delays within flows and the time of day campaigns are sent.

Flow Content

A/B test any variation you can think of within a flow using either variations of individual emails or adding a “Random Percentage Sample” conditional split within a flow.

Campaign Open & Click Rate

Create up to seven different variations for one campaign send. After a percentage of the recipients are equally sent the variations over a time frame of your choosing, the remaining percentage of subscribers will be sent the winning variation.

Campaign Sending Times

See which time of day your audience engages with the most by sending identical messaging at different times.

The possibilities for split testing is really up to you, but I recommend heading to this Best Practices for A/B Testing guide.

Next-Level Personalization

A common mistake e commerce store owners make is sending an email as a company selling a product to a group of people. It’s important to understand that there is a real person on the other end of the email you’re sending, and by contacting them, you’re initiating a conversation. Would you feel more cared about if “Company X” emailed you, or if “Dan, Customer Service Representative from Company X” sent you a personalized message?

Klaviyo allows personalization beyond First Name and Last Name; you can hide or display blocks within an email based on a profile’s properties, dynamically display past products purchased, dynamically display products they would most likely be interested in with product recommendations, and much, much more.

In a nutshell, Klaviyo allows you to automate personal conversations with your customers, and developing these relationships is what gives you a competitive advantage.

Is Klaviyo Better Than Mailchimp?

If you’re planning on growing your brand with data-driven decisions and nurturing lasting customer relationships, yes. Mailchimp is for setting up basic automations & sending unremarkable newsletters. Klaviyo gives you the tools to become a titan in your industry.

Wrapping It Up

With the social media giants unscrupulously deciding who does and doesn’t get a voice in the public forum of the 21st century, your ecommerce stores need marketing tools like Klaviyo that allow you to constantly have contact with your audience. If that isn’t enough, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter users are leaving the platforms in droves.

Klaviyo not only establishes a secure connection with your audience, but it also comes loaded with tools for you to make data-driven decisions, provides customer & website behavioral insights, and if utilized correctly, can be an evergreen source of revenue.

The opportunity for you to utilize this game-changing marketing solution is waiting. Will you ride this wave of strategic brand dominance, or be lost in the sea of infinite spam messages?

Take your business and customer experience to the next level. Work with the team at Samadhi Marketing. We consistently generate an additional 24-51% of revenue for our clients through our robust CRM, content, email, and SMS strategies.