Our Senior Executive Team

Dan Jacobs

Founder, CEO

Dan is a Certified Klaviyo Master Partner, having met all qualifications of becoming an official Klaviyo Partner. He has been working with Klaviyo since 2015 and has grown alongside the company.

He is the founder of Samadhi Marketing and is the chief strategist for all email, SMS, content, and CRM plans and procedures. The strategies he developed results in millions of dollars of additional annual revenue – and in some cases, an additional millions in monthly revenue – for his clients.

He is passionate about building brands by combining his strategies with the unique needs and interests of our clients’ audiences.

Fe Coe

Director of Operations & Client Services

Fe is also Certified Klaviyo Master Partner, having built her deep understanding of Klaviyo and CRM strategies training under Dan for years. She also has met all qualifications for becoming an official Klaviyo Master Partner.

Her managerial experience ranges from owning a hair salon in Australia to managing pilots and customers of an aerobatic stunt plane company. To say the least, she works well under pressure. She joined the Samadhi Marketing team in 2019 as content editor and publisher and rose to her managerial role quickly.

She is dedicated to ensuring that each one of our clients’ unique needs are met while also building a healthy, positive workspace within the company.

Justin Stewart

Chief Content Creator

Justin has overseen and written hundreds of articles for our clients. His attention to detail and unique ability to tailor his writing style to the specific needs of each audience is unparalleled.

He is an expert in morphing his raw creative writing style into data-driven content loved by both Google and the audience he’s writing for.

Working together with Dan, Fe and the rest of the creative team, he is able to find content that your brand needs and your audience wants to consume.

Kenneth Mico

Chief Data Analyst

Kenneth graduated university with a ____ degree in Civil Engineering. Applying the extremely complex mathematics and data analysis techniques he learned to Klaviyo’s vast assortment of data events and variables, he directs all data analysis and reporting.

He is passionate about making data-driven decisions based on his findings, and is especially intrigued with Kalviyo’s Predictive Analytics feature.

Kenneth is a crucial addition to the Samadhi Marketing team, providing insights that helps set our clients’ brands apart from their competition.