Own Your Growth

As the empires of new paid advertising platforms rise and topple, one marketing channel has always been there; email. When done correctly, email marketing is a direct line to your audience without the risk of algorithm changes, account suspensions, or having to pray for mercy from faceless “help agents”.

If regularly maintained, monitored, and managed by professionals, this timeless marketing channel can be an evergreen source of revenue, traffic, and data.

With that said, we don’t operate off of data, not buzzwords, and we’re here to open your eyes to the importance of managing your customer relationships through email. Let’s start off with some email statistics.

Email Marketing Statistics

3.9 million
The amount of email users globally in 2019. (Statista, 2020)

Whether it’s attributed to how long its been around or its vital aspect of professional communication doesn’t matter; more than half of the world’s population has an email address – and the user base is growing.

There is an average return of $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing. (DMA, 2019)

The cost of storing and contacting an email address is astronomically cheaper than reaching that same person through paid advertising, yielding a much higher return.

The percentage of small businesses that rely on email marketing for customer retention.

Telling your customers a story through emails nurtures an emotional connection. Your reach is considerably higher than paid advertising, and once they’re on your site, your competitors won’t be able to distract or pull them away.

The percentage of consumers stated they enjoy receiving promotional emails on a weekly basis from their favorite brands. (Statista, 2017)

If a site visitor becomes a subscriber or customer, they are sending a clear message that they want to hear from that brand. Altough its clear that customers are interested in what you have to say, its important to respect their inbox.

The amount of consumers that have confirmed that they've purchased as a direct result of a marketing email. (CC, 2019)

Although social media is important, and ultimately works hand-in-hand with email, it doesn’t allow for much time or space for building a relationship with your customers. Only 12.5% of consumers said they’d consider purchasing from a ‘buy’ button on social, but its no contest when compared to email.

The percentage of B2B marketers that claim email marketing is their most effective revenue generating channel. (BtoB Magazine)

Unlike many other marketing channels, if done correctly, email allows you to consistently reach your audience with product launches, promotions, and updates. Responsibly & respectfully contacting your audience over time builds trust, and more trust means more repeat purchases.

Consistently Reach Your Audience

When done properly, email marketing allows you to get your message across to your customers consistently. Although the numbers vary between industries, the average open rate of an email campaign is 15-25%, and the average click rate is 2.5%. When compared to an organic Facebook post reaching an average of 5.2% of the page’s total likes accompanied by a depressing 0.52% engagement rate for pages that have less than 10k followers, the winner is clear. To make matters worse, these numbers drop the more you build your page. 

At Samadhi, we don’t like to hit industry benchmarks – we like to blow past them. The email campaigns we send for our clients reach upwards of 30% open rates and higher than 3% click rates – consistently. 

But more importantly, when you’re building a brand, you want to be honest and true to your customers; speaking their language is what turns your business into a trusted brand. But with unforgiving algorithms, always changing rules, and nonsensical regulations dictating what you can and can not say, you risk your message not being heard at all and your customers being scooped up by a competitor with a bigger budget. (Or CRM strategy.)

When a customer provides their email address, that data is yours forever. You will always have the option to get your unfiltered message across and access to the engagement data that ensues. Which dovetails nicely into how important owning your data is.

You Own Your Data

When making important business-changing decisions such as where to invest capital, which inventory to stock up on, or which demographics to target for paid advertising, browsing, website, and purchase behavior are your best indicators of which direction to go in.

This is where email marketing, and more specifically Klaviyo, comes in; it is by far your best tool to harvest and analyze this data. The best part? It can never be snatched away from you without warning.

Critical data points such as Active on Site, Emails Opened or Clicked, Viewed Product, Added to Cart, Checkout Started, Ordered Product, Placed Order, Average Time Between Orders, Average Order Value, Location, First and Last Referring Source, and many, many more can be referenced, accessed, and aggregated whenever you want.

Whereas paid advertising platforms gate your visitors’ identities and limit your abilities to get an in-depth analysis of their behavior, every interaction a Klaviyo profile makes on your website is tracked, logged, and stored for future reference. You can then use this data to get incredible insights into past behavior to make an educated assessment of future behavior – forever.

Gives You a Competitive Edge

Investing in a channel that’s proven to reach your audience at an incredibly low cost gives you a massive upper hand over your competitors; a nurtured relationship built upon trust.

Think of it like this; you have two friends who are real estate agents, Bob and Jerry.

  • Whenever you see Bob, he tries to sell you a property every single time you talk to him based on one property you expressed interest in. He shouts about the discounts he can give you but only if you buy the property right now, or it’s gone forever. “Trust me”, he says, “You won’t find this anywhere else.”
  • Whenever you see Jerry, he gives you helpful real estate trends and insights without pushing a property onto you four out of five times you see each other. Every fifth time you interact, he shows you a piece of property based on what he’s learned about you from your interactions.

Would you listen to, and ultimately conduct business with:

  • Bob, who does not provide any insight as to why he’s trustworthy and hasn’t taken the time to build a relationship with you, or
  • Jerry, who frequently provides free, ungated, valuable advice that will help you form an educated decision and has established himself as an authority in real estate.

The answer is clear, and can be applied to your business. While your competition is solely focused on customer acquisition and only messaging their customer base on sales events, fully utilizing email marketing allows you to:

  • Sway prospects on the fence to choose your brand
  • Turn initial sales into repeat customers
  • Build a lasting relationship with your customers
  • Prevents your customer base from leaving
  • Evolve your business from a faceless business into a trust brand authority

No matter what market your brand is in, if you’re not utilizing email marketing now, some of your most successful competition is – and you’re losing your customers to them.

Evergreen Source of Revenue

Harvesting data and building relationships through email marketing has one ultimate goal; generate more sales. When done correctly and consistently, your email list can become an evergreen source of revenue that is exponentially more cost-effective than any paid advertising strategy.

  • 60% of email consumers sign up for email promotions from brands whereas 20% of social media users follow social accounts for the same.
  • The conversion rate for email marketing sits at a cool 6.05%, whereas social media hovers at 1.9%.
  • 58% of consumers check their email inbox first thing in the morning before any other app.
  • 44% of consumers check their email for a promotional from a company they know, whereas only 4% will go to Facebook.

The winner is clear, so let’s wrap things up using everything we discussed above.

Wrapping It Up

1. Email Marketing Statistics

More than half of the world’s population has an email address. This is a higher amount than social media users and is proven to be a more effective way of reaching users when compared to social.

2. Consistently Reach Your Audience

Email marketing has proven time and time again to be the cheapest and most effective way to reach your target audience. Every message sent will reach a wider audience than any organic social post.

3. You Own Your Data

Whenever a prospect subscribes or a customer makes a purchase, every interaction they have with your brand is tracked and stored in your Klaviyo account. This eliminates the red tape, guesswork, and risk of it losing it all found when relying on paid advertising platforms alone.

4. Gives You a Competitive Edge

Consistently engaging your audience with content appropriate to their stage in the customer journey builds a relationship built upon trust, leading to repeat customers that won’t think twice about switching to the competition.

The bottom line is that you’re bleeding money by not hiring a professional to handle your email marketing. Your customers want to hear from you, and we’re here to deliver your message.