Content That Educates & Ranks

Emails need to have more than just discounts and products, so how do you contact your subscribers multiple times per week without upsetting them?

Quality, engaging, and ungated blog posts.

Building a blog is an asset that yields both an immediate and long-term return if done correctly, and we have perfected a four-step process that achieves exactly that.

Step 1: Identify

How It's Done
After reviewing a client's website, we determine what content gaps they have in relation to their products that would be useful to their customer base. We also utilize search query software to unearth questions their target audience is searching for, and build content around those queries.

Step 2: Optimize

How It's Done
Although we are not offering SEO services, we feel that we should optimize every part of our work that we can. As a result, certain blog posts are run through a keyword optimization tool that allows the content we post to rank - fast.

Step 3: Send

How It's Done
Blog posts are then the featured call to action in an email campaign. This nurtures clients' customer lists and provides feedback as to what products and/or topics they are most interested in.

Step 4: Recycle

How It's Done
Based on open and click rates, we then plug high-performing blog posts into appropriate automations. This helps to educate and engage future customers.

Included with All Contracts

All email marketing contracts come with blog building at no additional charge. Sending blog content is crucial to our strategy, and we want to ensure that our clients get incredibly value as a result of working with us.