Our Second Million Dollar Month Case Study

Before I begin this case study, I’d like to first acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Fefe, Kenneth, Justin, Juliet, and everyone else on the Samadhi team for working tirelessly to achieve this new milestone for the company. Without your unwavering support, this would not have been possible. Thank you.

This case study is a pseudo-sequel to the first million dollar month case study, and just like the first installation, I can’t share the niche, products, or brand names due to NDAs; but the information I am able to use is more than enough to provide some value.

First I’ll give some context, then break down the data, and end with five strategies (different to the other five in the previous million dollar month case study) we implemented to achieve $1.7m in one month for one client across three Klaviyo accounts with our email and content marketing service.


The $1.7m sum is a combination of three Klaviyo accounts under one client within a 30 day period. We sent three to four campaigns per week per account, had all of the standard Klaviyo flows, and set up fourteen custom flows as well as all email capture forms. We completely managed all other aspects of Klaviyo and the blog writing, editing, and publishing process.

All products were branded, shipped the next day, and the client had an excellent customer support team – a crucial element of which we’ll dive into later.

Data Breakdown

Let’s break down some basic data points of the three Klaviyo accounts.

Total Revenue



Flow Revenue
Campaign Revenue



$85,471 (34%)
$35,684 (14%)



$160,619 (35%)
$65,639 (14%)



$1,309,051 (31%)
$86,662 (2%)

Five Key Takeaways

Our previous million dollar month case study featured five other insights: (a) a strong welcome series, (b) send to targeted segments, (c) know your KPIs and adjust accordingly, (d) build a blog and use it for email content, and finally, (e) rarely send out discounts.

We followed these basic principles on these accounts as well, but I’d like to take this opportunity to shed some light on different, more advanced tactics we used this time around.


Product-Specific Flows

All three Klaviyo accounts had a catalog of 20-50 products with three to five flagship products each that were purchased much more frequently than other items. To optimize placed order rate for these flagship items, we created “Product-Specific Flows”; these are automations with email content specifically tailored to the product associated with the flow trigger.

To illustrate the concept, we’ll use “Browse Abandonment | Viewed Product” (BAVP) as a Product-Specific Flow and an imaginary furniture store as a placeholder client. Let’s say the furniture store’s three flagship items are a couch, a mattress, and a desk.

Instead of sending one generic BAVP flow with broad messaging, we would create four separate flows; one for the mattress, another for the couch, a third for the desk, and finally, a standard general BAVP flow. This gives us an opportunity to write sales copy specific to each flagship product, creating a more personal experience for the email subscriber.

Each Product-Specific Flow had a higher placed order and click rate than its generic counterpart.

Quick Note
A different way of doing this that is essentially the same strategy is to use ProductID trigger splits within the generic BAVP flow. I prefer separate flows because the high amount of splits in one flow can be overwhelming to manage and makes it difficult to see performance based on product at a glance.


Focus on Reviews

To improve our customer acquisition strategy, we asked past customers to fill out a survey asking why they chose the client’s brand over the competition. There were eight checkboxes to choose from and we agreed that the survey results would be suitable after over 1,000 customers submitted a response, which ultimately provided the following data.

Positive Reviews 19.32%
Design of Product 17.93%
Included Accessories 13.79%
Features of Product 14.48%
Charity Donations 13.10%
Free Shipping 10.34%
Price 7.59%
Educational Resources 3.45%

Surprisingly, ‘Positive Reviews’ was selected the most; as a result, we placed a larger emphasis on gathering reviews from customers via post-purchase flows through the Loox Reviews Shopify app. We prioritized photo reviews, but did not want to lose plain text reviews seeing as the discount incentive to leave a review required adding a photo.

We added a sort of “catch-all” to combat this where two emails were added beneath the first photo review request emails that requested a text only review, no photo required. 

We also utilized the Product-Specific Flows tactic here to prioritize gathering reviews for specific items and further split the flow based on the customer’s number of historical orders for a more personalized experience.

To ensure customers weren’t receiving review requests after leaving a review as well as review requests from two separate platforms, all review request emails from Loox were turned off and brought into Klaviyo.


Product-Centered Content

This is an echo of the previous million dollar month case study, but it was especially useful in this instance and requires a more in-depth explanation.

The flagship products for two out of the three stores were high ticket items with fierce competition. As a result, the time frame from first touch to first purchase was longer than average, and we aimed to change that.

To shorten this time frame and convince prospects to choose our client’s brand over the competition, we placed a large focus on publishing various articles and guides explaining the benefits of the products, how to use and care for the products, and how the products work as well as comparison guides. The articles were placed in both pre- and post-purchase flows as well as featured campaign content.

This gave the client a unique advantage over the competition, helped to overcome customer objections, and addressed common questions and concerns which lessened the workload on the CS team. Simply having these articles posted established the client as a brand authority, especially when these articles eventually climbed up the ranks of search engines.

Although we do not offer SEO services, we do run these types of articles through various SEO tools seeing as there was a good opportunity and high reward to do so. Unfortunately, I can not share the keywords for you to search for these articles  – we take client confidentiality very seriously – but over a dozen of these articles are either the featured snippet, the first search result, or at least on the first page of Google.

Free Bonus
Articles that rank for high-volume keywords can become consistent and free sources of quality email leads.


Communication with the Customer Support Team

A well-planned email strategy with perfect execution is useless if the customer support is not up to par, and a major factor of our success was the incredible customer support team and systems the client had in place.

The most loyal customers often come as a result of a business swiftly and generously rectifying a mistake; but if a customer feels neglected or ignored when these accidents inevitably arise, or prospects write in to ask a question but receive no response, the chances of prospects making that first purchase or customers choosing to purchasing again greatly diminishes.

Aside from this, we kept almost daily communication with the client’s customer support team and had full access to all CS Slack channels. As a result, we were able to see FAQs from customers and use them as topics for articles/email content as well as have a live pulse on customer’s reactions to our messaging.

If a sale, deal, or price drop was planned, we would communicate it with the CS team ahead of time so they could be ready to address any questions concerning the offer. Seeing as CS is a direct line to customers, they sometimes presented flow or campaign ideas to use which proved extremely useful.

Streamline Your Customer Support

What made this system work so efficiently was the Gorgias Shopify app, an incredible ecommerce helpdesk tool that pulls email and text replies, social media DMs, mentions, and comments, phone calls, and many other customer contact points into an organized, customizable dashboard with drag and drop saved replies and AI learning. If you’re looking to transform your customer support systems into an efficient machine, Gorgias is without a doubt your top choice.

You can learn more about the features and benefits of Gorgias here.


Tell a Story

Email is a unique marketing channel with a plethora of benefits and features you can’t get from any other medium, with the most valuable asset being the opportunity for you to tell stories to your customers.

A common mistake I frequently see with marketing emails is the lack of a human element. Sure, a flashy email packed with stunning images and complimentary colors is nice to look at (if it manages to hit your inbox), but there’s no story there, no emotional pull or compelling reason to complete the desired action other than pretty colors.

We live in a society where humans are connected to the internet instead of connected to each other; consumers are constantly sold things from faceless corporations that offer unparalleled convenience, but can never provide the one thing consumers crave the most – emotional connection.

There is incredible value when you invest time into writing compelling stories that seamlessly lead into a product pitch instead of throwing a handful of clickable images together to BUY NOW; in other words, we write emails that read like a human talking to a human instead of a corporation talking to a customer.

By becoming a storyteller, we’re able to consistently send campaigns three times per week with click rates that either meet or exceed the industry standard of 1.5-2.5%+, as shown below.

samadhi marketing campaigns case study

Hover over any area to zoom in on the image
Sensitive client information redacted

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Sensitive client information redacted

TLDR; Ask and Listen

Again, none of this would be possible without the spectacular synergy from within the Samadhi team and their synergy with our clients’ teams. If I were to break this case study down into one word, it would be “communication”.

By communicating with the client’s executive team, we clearly understood their goals and created appropriate offers, paths, and sales copy for Product-Specific Flows. 

By communicating with the client’s customers, we were able to determine that the best way to convert prospects into customers was positive reviews, so we took radical action to increase the amount of reviews posted.

By communicating with the customer support team, we were able to lessen their workload and reduce the time between first touch and first purchase through publishing blog posts and email content that addressed customer’s questions and concerns.

Although the AI learning Klaviyo provides is incredibly valuable and vital to success with the platform, don’t get too caught up in it and lose the human element; if you do, you’ll just be another drop in the endless ocean of unopened emails.

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We started working with Dan and his team last fall and I can say that the benefits just keep coming. He has removed any work from my plate regarding email marketing and content. The Samadhi team has put together a system that gets both current customers to purchase more frequently and new leads to convert. I really enjoy working with Dan and his team and the work they are producing for our company. We look forward to working with them on our other brands.
Keneesha H.
Dan is an email marketing genius. We've seen tremendous growth in our business and can confidently say because of the extra revenue we've made off email we've been able to scale our businesses more profitably and scale them higher.

Been working with him for over a year now and not only is he great for business he's an all around great individual, he plays a vital role in our businesses.

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I've been working with Dan for a few months now and have to say ``Email Dan`` is a master of his craft. He took me on as a small-time client and helped me build my ecommerce store in to an actual brand.

I don't think I would have gotten this far with an online business if it wasn't for him, I appreciate all the effort you put in, in the past year, and am looking forward to years of a profitable relationship!

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