It’s no secret that an Abandoned Cart Klaviyo flow is one of the most important flows you can have in your account. Contacts who are queued into this flow are deep in the funnel and just require a little extra push to complete their purchase.

There are plenty of ways you can increase the Placed Order Rate of this automation, but the secrets outlined below are what we use. Some may seem simple, some may seem complex, but it’s little adjustments like these that yield better results.

4. Get Rid of Social Links

Overall, we don’t include links to social media pages in most emails – but definitely not in the Abandoned Cart series.

Our reasoning is simple; the main purpose of this flow is to convince contacts to complete their purchase. So why provide links that could distract contacts from completing their purchase? This mindset applies to many of our emails; one clear call-to-action.

Although we apply this logic to most purchase-focused email campaigns and flows, we do include social links in certain post-purchase or nurturing emails.

3. Automatically Applied Discounts

Reducing friction at checkout is paramount for optimizing purchase conversions. Although Klaviyo dynamic coupon codes are great for preventing discounts from floating around the web, it can add checkout friction if the code is not automatically applied.

If the code is not automatically applied, subscribers have to copy the code from the email, click through to their cart, find the discount field at checkout, paste the code, and hit apply. That’s an extra five steps. With other push notifications or distractions gets their attention during this lengthy process, the chances of them completing their purchase drops significantly.

Thankfully, Klaviyo has a feature that eliminates all of this with a link that automatically applies the contact’s unique discount at checkout. By utilizing this unique advantage, the Abandoned Cart checkout process now becomes two clicks; one click from the email to your website, and the final click on the coveted ‘Order Now’ button.

Head over to Klaviyo’s How to Add a Link that Applies a Coupon Code at Checkout for detailed walk-through of how to set this up.

2. Discount Ladder

The further down the Abandoned Cart flow a subscriber gets, the less likely they are to purchase, so its critical to provide appropriate incentives to complete their order based on how far down the funnel they are.

A solid strategy to increase placed order rates for emails further down the funnel is to increase the discount amount offered. For example, start the first email without a discount. Give them 10% off for the second email, and 15% off for the third. The logic here is as their likelihood of purchases decreases, increase the value of your purchase incentive.

However, each discount is unique to each brand; percentage discounts may not make sense for high-ticket items, which leads into our final secret.

1. Utilize Flow Splits

One of the reasons why Klaviyo is the premiere email marketing platform is its incredible ability to segment. The more a message is tailored to a contact’s stage in their customer journey, the more likely they will complete the desired action, and is especially effective when applied to the Abandoned Cart flow.

Our best-performing example of this is splitting the flow based on cart value. This accomplishes two things:

  1. Eliminates guesswork for how much money a contact will save
  2. Increases your bottom line

Let’s say for carts under $100, the offer is 10% off. If a contact’s cart value is over $100, we split the flow so that the offer is $10 off instead. It’s easy math for the contacts, and your margins grows with the cart value seeing as it’s a set discount instead of a percentage.

Other Abandoned Cart flow splits include:

  • Number of historical orders
  • Items present or absent from a cart
  • Random sample branches to split test offers, timing, content, etc

Closing Thoughts

The more you customize your Abandoned Cart flow to speak to a contact’s unique needs and behaviors, the more your Placed Order Rate will increase. This process does not happen overnight and is always changing based on data that comes in, so don’t be afraid to get creative and try new ideas.

If you’re looking to get the absolutely best results from your Abandoned Cart flow and to utilize Klaviyo’s separate “Added to Cart” triggered-flow, it’s best to delegate the task to professionals.

The team at Samadhi Marketing has years of data and experience in Abandoned Cart flows. We will save you time and generate revenue much quicker then having to figure it out for yourself. Work with us and watch the orders flow in.